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15th April, 2021 09:00 AM CEST

09:00AM CEST
11:00AM CEST
11:30AM CEST
Symposium opening & welcome note
Marko Orel & Bernie J. Mitchell
Darja Reuschke
Coworking outside of coworking spaces - motivations and practices
Carolina Bandinelli
Production of subjectivity in coworking spaces
Ricarda Bouncken
Permeability in coworking spaces
Julian Waters-Lynch
Collaborative workspaces, diversity and regional entrepreneurship growth: A conceptual review
Marko Orel
Methodological considerations: Workplace autoethnography in the context of coworking research
Q & A
Bernie J. Mitchell
Half an hour break
Chiara Tagliaro
Covid-19 related threats and opportunities for coworking businesses and small towns
Janet Merkel
Coworking spaces in different spatial context: What we know so far
Ivanne Poussier
Woman-purposed coworking spaces
Anita Füzi
The role of coworking spaces in the future of rural digital communities
Ignasi Capdevila
Building communities through coworking spaces in rural areas
Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek
User preferences for coworking spaces: A comparison between the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic
Q & A
Bernie J. Mitchell

Coworking Symposium is a joint scholarly and industry half-day long conference on coworking and flexible workspaces. Tackling various topics such as developmental aspects in the post-pandemic world, collaborative and networking perspectives, HRM and other contemporary topics, the symposium focuses on the most recent studies and practical developments of the coworking and the flexible workspace industry.


Following the successful first edition of the symposium that evolved around the HRM perspectives, the Coworking Symposium 2021 would knit its core on the transformation of coworking model and discuss the future perspectives that will emerge in the post-pandemic world. While the last symposium had two modules – a scholarly and industry model – the new edition will focus solely on recent studies and findings that are relevant to the field of coworking and flexible office research. 

The Coworking Symposium 2021 is
admission-free and accessible to a broader audience. Because knowledge should be freely accessible. Hit that RSVP button and reserve your ticket.

Dr. Janet Merkel
Technical University Berlin
Ivanne Poussier
ADA Coworking
Dr. Anita Füzi
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Prof. Dr. Ignasi Capdevila
Paris School of Business
Prof. Dr. Ricarda Bouncken
University of Bayreuth
Dr. Chiara Tagliaro
Polytechnic University of Milan
Dr. Marko Orel
Prague University of Economics and Business
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Darja Reuschke
University of Southampton
Dr. Carolina Bandinelli
University of Warwick
Dr. Julian Waters-Lynch
RMIT University, Melbourne
Dr. Rianne Appel - Meulenbroek
Eindhoven University of Technology



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