Few words about speakers and their talks.
Industry module/
Developmental trends of the coworking industry.
The coworking industry is developing with an incredible pace.
A handful of selected industry experts will share their thoughts on recent progression of coworking scenery in the CEE region as well as the world, explore core values of the coworking model, usage perspectives and communal developments.
Because it is always nice to take a few minutes off.
Research module / Scholarly perspectives of the coworking research.
​Covering the recent research topics, ranging from exploration of coworking spaces in rural environments, innovation tendencies of coworking space users, cross-management implications to effectiveness of mediation mechanisms and tools for talent attraction.
The end.
​Wrapping-up and discussing the outtakes.

coworking         symposium



27th May, 2020 09:00 AM CET


The coworking industry is evolving and developing at an incredible pace. While new coworking facilities are popping up and changing the workplace landscape as we know it, there is a widening gap between scholars and experts from the coworking industry.


Coworking Symposium is a half-day long online event that will bring some of the key people from the scholarly community and connect them with core expert from the field. Latest data will be shared and interlaced, discussed and interlaced with recent developmental trends of the coworking industry.

The Coworking Symposium 2020 is
admission-free and accessible to a broader audience. Because knowledge needs to be shared. Just be sure to hit that RSVP button and reserve your ticket.

Robert Vlach, author of The Freelance Way
What are the signs of the updated freelance economy?
Jeannine van der Linden, director @ European Coworking Assembly
On values of coworking movement
Johanna Voll, co-founder @ Coworking Library
On making the knowledge on coworking research accessible
Bernie Mitchell, community builder @ London Coworking Assembly
On building coworking communities and networks
Marc Navarro, coworking strategist
Rural vs City coworking spaces - The state of mind
Pauline Roussel, Coworkies
Five findings on visiting over 400 coworking spaces
Viktoria Heinzel, University of Stuttgart
On development of coworking scenery in rural areas
Claudia Manca, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Managing a new community
Manuel Mayerhoffer, University of Economics
On talent attraction and retention mechanisms
Peter Jirsak, Head of HubHub
On managing a coworking brand
Anna Pilkova, Comenius University in Bratislava
On entrepreneurial potentials of coworking hubs
Marzena Starnawska, University of Warsaw
On social impact of coworking spaces
Dora Horvath, Corvinus University of Budapest
Coworking extended beyond the coworking walls
Alex Hillman, IndyHall
Coworking lessons for sustainable economic recovery
Jana Fratricova, Comenius University of Bratislava
On understanding talent in coworking environments

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